An introduction

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Hello! I’m Becca. 🙂

I’ve been prowling the health blog community lately. I’ve had a health blog before (you can see it here) but I felt like I couldn’t express what felt. I posted a lot of pictures and advice from others and I learned a lot. But now I’m ready to start my own journey – and I hope you’ll join it with me!

Inspiration behind the name: whenever I’m on a run, or in the middle of a hard workout, and I want to give up, I always smile. Smiling reminds me that I’m doing something I love that’s good for me – mentally and physically!

I had a really nice morning today. It’s Saturday, so I got to sleep in until almost 10, then I headed to a yoga class. I absolutely love yoga. It’s one of my favorite forms of exercise. I’ve been practicing for almost a year now!

Then breakfast time. Recently, I really caught the baking bug. I think it’s because of blogs I’ve been checking out and their amazing (and delicious!) healthy recipes they post. I’m a regular reader of and today, I discovered Katie posts these incredible dessert recipes – I can’t wait to try some out later!

So – I decided to make my own little something! I was in the mood for oatmeal and pancakes, so I decided to make the two! It turned out to be a mess, but hey, I’m experimenting.

I took a container of vanilla Yoplait greek yogurt, and mixed in half a scoop of chocolate protein powder and a mashed banana. Then, I stirred in half of 1/4 cup of rolled oats. I put in on the frying pan, and made three small pancakes/oatmeal/mess! And honestly, it was pretty good!

I saw I had almonds in my cabinet, so then I took 1/3 cup of raw almonds and mixed them with 2 tsps of brown sugar and 1/2 tbsp of margarine. I set the heat on my stove to high and tried to roast some almonds. They were delicious! I’ll eat some more as a snack later on.

I hope you enjoyed my first post! If you’re a health blogger, please leave a comment and introduce yourself. I am so excited to get to know all of you!


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